Ré has always been a Kre8ive person. She has always had an entrepreneur mindset, selling bracelets, various snacks, and school supplies in school. Her 11th grade year she came up with the idea of a clothing brand called Kre8ive Overdose | KO’d.

 Since then, she was in the military for 6 years, attended some college for IT and Cybersecurity. She has gone through a lot of trials and tribulation that set her back from being focused on KO’d. Not only is Ré the CEO of KO’d, but she is also an artist that paints, makes minor alterations to her clothing, designs everything you see involving KO’d, partakes in photography, makes jewelry and music.

 Now that she has evolved into the person she was meant to be, her self-love journey has led her to this point and led to you reading this. Hopefully, you enjoy what you are reading and seeing; so that you can be a part of this journey of growth and elevation; meanwhile drenched in Kre8ive drip. 

Our Mission

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